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Our Process

Step 1


The first step to starting the building process is to meet and look at the site.  This provides an opportunity to discuss access, layout, and the function of the pool.  Typically this will provide enough information to develop preliminary pricing and establish a budget for the project.

Step 2

Contract And Schedule

Final details of the project are approved and a contact is signed.  At this step a schedule is put in to place and materials for your project are ordered.

Step 3


The pool location is staked in the yard and equipment is mobilized to the site.  Excavtion begins and the backyard will look very different by the end of the day.

Step 4

Pool Framework

At this stage, the pool walls and forms are installed.  Expect this to take a week. 

Step 5

Equipment and Plumbing

Mechanical equipment and plumbing will be installed to provide circulation for the pool.  At this stage the electrician will be on site to run conduit for lighting and cover equipment.  This is a good time to discuss any other electrical needs with the electrician.

Step 6

Pool Surfacing

A gunite pool is now ready for water line tile and its final plaster surface to be applied.

A vinyl pool is ready for wall foam and the vinyl lining to be installed. 

Step 7

Filling The Pool

The most exciting stage by far.  The pool will be filled with a garden hose or a water truck depending on availability.  Chemicals will be added and you will be swimming within a couple days.

Step 8

Pool Cover Installation

Once the pool is full and chemicals are balanced, the safety cover can be installed and activated for use.

Step 9

Swim Party

Give yourself a week or two to become familiar with the pool operation.  Then proceed with the swim party!

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